Grid Applications

Obtaining a grid connection is a time consuming and challenging part of any project. EPG have extensive experience in successfully negotiating grid connection approval for both PV and Anaerobic Digestion Projects across the country.
We also carry general utility application for new and alternation to existing to accommodate the successful outcome of projects.
Our experience allows us to interrogate the response from the district network operators (DNOs); we can confidently challenge contestable aspects of their proposal and simplify areas through design alterations. Combined with our understanding of their internal process we ensure best value to our clients.

Building Services

As building services consultant engineers we have the technical ability, experience and passion help create systems and promote efficiency within buildings. By becoming involved in building design in a very early stage we can minimise the exposure to risk and help meet the relevant planning requirements and statutory compliance.

Planning Applications

As part of our service we can prepare, submit and negotiate planning applications on behalf of our clients. Alternatively we can support our clients’ application by providing them with the necessary documents and reports for the successful outcome. This will typically include energy and sustainability statements.

stock-photo-1522365-electrical-scheme-close-upPower Distribution

Power distribution is a process which is used to move electricity from locations where it is generated to where it is needed. We offer extensive support for any Power Distribution issues. This range from the initial consultation, design, implementation to successful completion.

Renewables Solutions

We are a leading renewable energy consultancy offering a wide range of services for Renewable Energy Solutions to allow our customers to find a better route to achieve their end goal and aspirations. We are involved from the very start of the project through feasibility, design and project management. Our mulitdisciplinary consultants can advise on a range solutions.