Design & Install

With payback periods of under one year possible, LED lighting offers a fantastic opportunity to reduce the running costs of an existing building. Whether you are replacing the bulbs or the entire light fitting, there are solutions for every site. We have designed and installed systems in a variety of environments; both internal and external, including offices and airports.

In addition to the economic advantages, the quality of light is far more consistent, the is accounted for within the design to provide an even distribution throughout the room. Equally, external lighting can be focused towards a particular area with far less wasted light, reducing local light pollution.

When LED lights are switched on the result is instant, avoiding the traditional flickering. The system also operates at lower temperatures, providing a safer system.


EPG have vast experience within building services design, including LED Lighting. Using this knowledge, we can design systems while remaining manufacturer neutral. This allows us to demonstrate the best technical solution whilst providing several prices to demonstrate the market products and best value. Some key criteria to focus on are warranty and life expectancy, the latter is considered within the life cost of a system. This is particularly prevalent when comparing the LED system to a traditional system where maintenance and replacement costs are much higher; savings on the installation cost often equate to shorter warranties and life expectancies.

EPG offer a one-stop-shop for design and installation, offering the valuable advantage of understanding the implications of design on the installation costs. Whilst being able to offer off the shelf solutions, we can also fabricate bespoke solutions, sourcing the most appropriate components to the match the site-specific requirements.