Design & Install

Solar PV panels can be mounted either on, or within the roof structure; in-roof is generally only utilised during new construction, as the PV system can replace the requirement to purchase a roof covering. It is however advisable to mount the panels on the traditional on-roof framework, which keeps the panels cooler by improving air flow underneath the panels – therefore aiding efficiency. There are many different roof types i.e. tiles, corrugated sheets (metal or fibre cement) etc. and consequently there are a vast variety of fixing methods. Before any installation work is undertaken structural surveys and wind loading calculations are conducted, ensuring integrity of the existing roof is maintained, whether being installed on a pitched or flat roof. Alternatively, the PV system can be ground mounted; multiple panels are mounted on framework supported by posts, which can be driven or screwed into the ground.


EPG has a vast depth of knowledge and experience within the Solar PV market. We have installed on all roof types within the commercial and domestic sector, along with large ground mounted systems. We provide consulting services for planning and grid applications, along with the complete turnkey solutions, including procurement, installation, commissioning and O&M; this exposes us to every element of the process, from conception to completion.

Through strategic relationships, developed over many years, we can ensure maximum efficiency and extremely competitive pricing through the supply chain. We have a strict Quality Management System (QMS) system, to ensure that we not only perform to a consistently high standard, but every supplier/provider within the necessary collaboration meets and exceeds expectations. Our installers are fully trained, experienced and in-house; when increased demand requires, we also have access to fully vetted contract staff. The additional labour is always utilised in a supportive role under the supervision of our experienced direct employees.