Design & Install

EPG specialise in electrical utility grid connections, whether it be for renewable energy generation such as heat pumps, PV and anaerobic digestion; or traditional connections for new buildings and equipment such as agricultural or commercial buildings.

Any large electrical load can require a new connection or upgrading of the existing supply; this consists of work undertaken by the District Network Operator (DNO) which is mostly ‘non-contestable’ and private work that can be tendered defined as ‘contestable’.

Obtaining the grid connection is a time consuming and challenging part of any project. Without a detailed understanding, infrastructure projects can be delayed or even cancelled before a formal quotation is received. Similarly, being able to determine what can be contested may allow the connection to remain within the allocated budget.

Why EPG?

EPG provide new connections with our client’s objectives as our objectives. We ensure that the upgrade work is required ‘solely for your project’ and ensure you are not upgrading the District Network Operator’s (DNO’s) assets if unnecessary. Through various methods, we usually save our clients between 20-40%; we have in a couple of scenarios (to our detriment) disproved the requirement to upgrade completely, literally saving our clients tens of thousands of pounds.

Experience allows us to interrogate the response from the DNO, where appropriate we can confidently challenge their proposal and simplify aspects through design alterations. Utilising a unique approach developed for grid connections – combining new connections with private distribution methods – costs can be reduced while ensuring improved delivery timescales.

We have vast experience designing district networks internationally, with a deep understanding of all various permutations, ensuring the ‘least cost’ option is achieved. The ‘least cost’ option is important as it ensures the DNO is obligated to provide the most economical solution; they are required to adhere to this based on Ofgem guidance.

We will manage the entire process and present an option to provide the full installation, connecting power to your project. Whether this is at conceptual stage, where a budget figure is required, or when an existing quotation has already been obtained from the DNO.