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Agricultural building & listed farmhouse

When originally assessing the capacity of the barn roof, we proposed using high efficiency 315W panels to achieve the greatest yield. The energy demand was driven by the large house and recently installed water source heat pump which has replaced the old inefficient oil boiler.

The existing barn roof was constructed from asbestos, which required removal and disposal in a safe manner. After installing the new trapezoidal roof, which included sky lights on the north aspect, we installed the solar panel array on the south elevation. The installation took place on a working farm and consideration had to be taken for other machinery being used in and around our working area.

We provided a turnkey solution including organising and implementing a new site electricity utility connection, which had to cross under the highway. We used a mole to bury the new cable underneath the road; all necessary licencing and negotiations were undertaken by us.


Location: Winchester
Panel Manufacturer:
LG (315W)
Inverter Manufacturer:
Solar Edge
Annual Output:
23,386 kWh
Annual CO2 Reduction:
9,635 kg
Estimated Payback Period:
7.8 years


“The installation which involved the removal of asbestos roofing and cladding from a barn was not without its problems, but the outcome with seventy-two panels in place is excellent. EPG were professional and their advice in relation to the local authority and SSE, the electricity supplier, was to the point and helpful. The final cost was as budgeted. They were also unfailingly courteous, easy to contact and good to deal with.”

Mr. R. H.


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